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OK CUB Model Airplane Engines -Glow plugs - Glow Heads - Parts - OK Streamliner Model Trains in O and HO

75th ANNIVERARY CELEBRATED - OK Engine Company ( formerly Herkimer Tool & Model Works ) in Mohawk NY is celebrating 75 years of manufacturing our OK and OK Cub brands of model airplane engines and parts in the USA. We also provide an engine repair service for some of the 2 million engines that we have produced since 1938.

NEWLY DESIGNED large 3/8 x 24 thread GLOW PLUG to our complete line of American Made glow heads and glow plugs. The new Hot G-1 is specifically designed for use in old timer, nostalgia and free flight events that use older engines requiring more lubricant in the fuel mix. This plug also allows running of old timer engines without the need for needless wear or replacement of rare and delicate ignition components. Inexpensive cost at $6.50 each

NEW PRODUCT - OK Cub "R" Conversion Kit" Convert any OK Cub A or B platform engine to a rear intake, reed valve engine. Parts kit includes complete rear cover carburetor assembly and new solid replacement crankshaft. $20. each

Also for this year, we are once again offering our venerable OK Cub .049A engine for sale with a choice of glow plug or HOT glow head cylinders. Catalog of OK ENGINES and OK CUB model airplane engines and parts cost is $2 . See engine photo below. Our standard shipping charge is $9 per order ( not per engine )for USA. All others a $20 shipping charge applies.

FREE copy of KASINER-HERKIMER-OK STREAMLINER model train collectors guide, "Herky Rides the Rails". Pay only shipping charge of $5.75 and receive the $10. eighty page book for free. Mention this ad when ordering.

Registered Names, Trade names, copyright, and/or Patented titles or products of the OK Engine Company include OK Engines, OK Streamliners,The Modelers Choice, Kasiner Hobby, OK Cub, Herkimer Tool & Model Works ( not affiliated with Herkimer Tool and Machining Corp.), Mohawk Engineering, Mohawk Chief, OK Bantam, OK CO2, OK Hot Rod, OK Dragmaster, OK Cub Cadet, and OK Cub Kart.

lIt has been 2 years since all of our communications have been by mail order. Snail mail or e-mail only. All orders had been coming in through these media so the telephone system was eliminated. Welcome to the 21st century.

  • O and HO GAUGE ALL-METAL OK Streamliners Passenger cars are AVAILABLE NOW ( Pullman, smoothside, and Budd type )Kits and assembled units. Custom shop services. These cars match the KASINER and HERKIMER lines in era style and looks but we have improved the materials and expanded the available car selection by making each car to order through our unique custom service. Each customer can order the window and door configurations not made by other manufacturers. Because these cars are made in the USA, orders are handled with a personal touch.

    OK Streamliner HO and O gauge passenger cars are sold undecorated, non-painted, and otherwise not detailed for specific "road" names. Detailing for the individual modelers' layout is his/her own responsibility. OK Streamliners provides a starting point with all metal, prototypical, scale, cars. Every railroad ordered its' own unique configuration of doors and windows for its' cars. OK Streamliners is the only company providing this same service option to its' modeling customers. Cars will be configured using real car plans. The competition uses the same 5 or 6 cars for all it's sets by only painting for different roads and sometimes take years to come out with new sets. . These "toy " cars are also not true scale representations. OK Streamliners puts forth the extra effort to make our cars look, feel, and sound like real cars taking only days to produce the ordered cars. We use six different metal materials to accomplish the realism and value modelers' should expect. "When modeling metal trains, only metal models will do."

    P O Box 355
    Mohawk NY 13407-1118