Visit Our Museum

Our OK Museum room is ready for visitors. Our goal is to properly restore, display, and maintain one of every OK product manufactured since 1937. We are close to an entire collection but are still missing a few items. We are particularly interested in obtaining dealer display items such as mounts or posters. Please contact OK ENGINE CO if you would like to donate extra OK memorabilia.

This project is funded solely by sales of our collector guide books, OK decal sets, and items of special interest to collectors.

Because we are a manufacturer and not a store, we are not generally open to the public. However, If you are going to be in the Cooperstown area of Upstate New York , please call at least two weeks in advance to schedule a visit. We'll give you a narrated tour of the artifacts in our museum, present a 30 minute slide show, and demonstrate any production in process at the time of your visit. Contact us by e-mail at .

P O Box 355
Mohawk NY 13407-1118